Dawlance Mega T+ Inverter 10 (Cool Only)

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Self-Diagnosis: Includes self-diagnostic features to detect and troubleshoot potential issues, ensuring reliable performance and minimizing downtime.




Dawlance Mega T+ Inverter 10 (Cool Only) Specifications:

  • Gold Fin (IDU, ODU) Corrosion Protect
  • 8000 BTU ( Suitable for small size spaces)
  • Suitable for 90 sq-feet
  • Twin Rotary Compressor
  • Gen Mode ( 30%, 50%, 70% Savings)
  • Double Swing Function ( 4D Airflow)
  • Works even in 55 C High Temperature
  • Go Clean 56°C Sterilization
  • Filtration (Health Filters)
  • Easy cleaning filter on the top
  • 12-Year Compressor+4-Year PCB Kit+1-Year Parts Warranty
  • Terms and conditions apply for free delivery and installation

Dawlance Mega T+ 10 0.75 Ton Dc Inverter Cool only comes with a dual rotary compressor that works at a phase difference of 180 degrees. Thus, providing unstoppable cooling with minimum use of energy. Moreover, fireproof electronic control pox prevents fire and short circuits from occurring thus preventing any fire damage to the Inverter. This is not enough, imagine pressing a button and initiating auto-clean. The indoor contains an evaporator liquid that cleans the grills without you touching them.

What makes it reliable is its T3 twin rotary compressor and low voltage operations. T3 compressor can work at 55 degrees Celsius temperature with a GO Clean 56 degrees sterilization. Moreover, it can work without shade and still provide quick cooling because of the two motors. In addition, low voltage makes it more susceptible to operate even when the voltage is not enough to power old Air Conditioners. The indoor unit contains health filters to protect you from dust allergens and other pathogens.

T3 Twin Rotary Compressor

Twin rotary compressors contain two motors that work at a phase difference of 180 degrees. This means that if one motor is in its lag phase after completing one rotation, the other comes into action. Hence, there will be an unstoppable flow of cooling without any phase difference. This saves energy when the desired temperature is achieved. The Inverter doesn’t trip but works at a low pace to maintain that temperature. Thus, the inverter by then is operating on low voltage, using less energy, and maintaining Cool only.

Moreover, Dawlance comes with Turbo mode; both Turbo cooling and Turbo Cool only. When the turbo is set on, it can cool within 30 seconds.

GO Clean

Furthermore, the Go Clean function will clean the indoor unit by using an evaporator that sterilizes the inner grill in 4 steps. It starts with Frosting, then goes to defrosting.

Generator Mode

Generator Mode is designed to give maximum output even when you are low on voltage. Controlled by the remote control, you can select a power consumption by different current levels of up to 30%, 50%, 70% so multiple appliances can be used.

Gentle Cool Wind and Filter Hygiene

The Mega T+/ Pro technology contains gentle cool wind blades. Harsh air passes through the micro-holes of these blades and becomes gentle and soft. Moreover, a Filter is installed to remove dust allergens and pathogens associated to cause any diseases or allergies.

Smart Airflow

Smart Airflow is a technology invented by Dawlance that shares their insight on the cool and hot wind following different patterns of dispersal. Cool wind is showered in Shower-style Air supply mode that helps cool the room even quicker.

Furthermore, the airflow is more universal because of its 4D, primarily 4-dimensional airflow system that disperses air in all directions.

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