Dawlance DW 8550 CB FL Twin Tub Washing Machine


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Dawlance 8550 CB FL Twin Tub Washing Machine with Waterfall Wash, Robust Pulsator, Wide Opening, Soft Lid Closing, Deep Waterfall Wash, Showr Rinse

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Waterfall Wash

With an improved washing machine that operates on an innovative one-sided water fall. It has a better foam formation and detergent dissolving which helps in the improved wash performance.

Robust Pulsator

A robust and wide pulsator with strong rotation which leads to superior washing of heavy loads.

Wide Opening

A wide and ergonomic opening to help users add and remove laundry easily.

Soft Lid Closing

This technology offers easy lid closing with the use of dampers, ensuring the lid closes softly and provides complete protection of your glass lid.

Deep Waterfall Wash

The Deep Waterfall Wash feature in washing machines is a game-changer, ensuring a thorough and effective cleaning process by creating a cascading waterfall-like flow that penetrates deep into fabrics, resulting in immaculately clean clothes with every wash.

Showr Rinse

Shower Rinse, a cutting-edge technology in washing machines, mimics the gentle and thorough rinsing action of a shower. This innovative feature ensures a meticulous and even rinse, leaving your laundry impeccably clean and free from detergent residue, enhancing the overall washing experience.

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